Indian Basmati Rice is the most loved foodgrain throughout.  India exported 59 percent of the overseas basmati rice market. We deal with only certified Basmati rice and do not let any cheaper quality go across boundaries.

Globistic is a renowned name in maintaining the peculiarity of Indian Basmati rice throughout the world. It caters to a vast variety of rice, namely, Traditional Basmati, Pusa Basmati,1121 Basmati, Non-Basmati and all forms of Brown, Milled Raw, Steamed, Parboiled, Sella-White or Golden.

We monitor the growth and cultivation of the rice and ensure the perfection in overall quality as well as taste. We believe in sharing the plus points of our culture and expertise throughout the world. Basmati rice is just a medium to spread the word about the warmth and nurturing nature of us Indians!


Cement is like a potion to the building blocks of a house. If needs to be chosen with extra care and precautions. Nowadays, poorer quality of cement has grabbed the market. Globistic assures all its clients of the supreme cement!

When it comes to the most commonly used house-making commodity, Globistic has set records internationally. The quality of cement provided by the company is absolutely impeccable. Be it PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) or OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement), the company has successfully ensured the quality.

We make sure that none of our client’s faces issues related to the originality of the goods provided by us, hence, we keep our standards maintained by dealing with genuine products.


Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities internationally. The growth in demand for leather is driven by the fashion industry, precisely, handbags and footwear. Apart from this, leather has a varied usage in interiors and furniture industry. The leather industry has a place of prominence in Indian economy due to its substantial export earnings and growth success.

  • Indian leather industry accounts for 12.93% of the world’s leather production of hides/skins.
  • The country ranks second in terms of footwear and leather garments production in the world and accounts for 9.57% of the world’s footwear production.

Leather has to showcase finesse whenever chosen for personal styling. Globistic excels in providing perfect leather to its customers. It sources the most authentic leather from within India and outside. The product goes through multiple tests and quality control measures in order to please all those who buy from us.

India’s leather industry has grown drastically, transforming from a mere raw material supplier to a value-added product exporter. Globistic takes the opportunity to be responsible for the export of such valuable article by promising reliable quality as well as price. We believe in enhancing our client’s hopes with the colors of excellence and goodwill.

With all these expected needs for Leather of our country, we evolve to give an extremely best quality of our product to the export market all over the world. We named it as La Forza. A force which leads to the best possible ways to reach to you and deliver the requirement on time.


About CEO

Ankur Tripathi, CEO 

A distinct personality with clear thoughts and fantastic approach towards moving the company’s perception in the right direction.

About Company

Globistic Trade Logistics is a leader in terms of Manufacture and Export vocation in India. It looks after the consignment dealing with Minerals, Agricultural goods, and Leather. It has a network of proficient and skilled professionals excelling in an export of above-mentioned commodities.
India is a gold mine for agricultural essentials. We, at Globistic Trade, know how to tap the most out of it and provide our customers with the best suitable option globally.
We suppose that Leather needs to be very genuine in quality and appearance. This is the reason we supply the purest form of the article to our clients.
As far as minerals are concerned, Globistic trade has all apt options of coal, cement, and other useful commodities.
The company understands the requirement of its clients, owing to its relevant experience in the concerned field. With all dedication and hard work, it has managed to impress its customers and retain them for long. The assurance of quality, punctuality, and professionalism is always associated with every service provided by Globistic.
We have a team of diligent professionals who have been into this area and hold an esteemed level of expertise in the same. It implies that our experts will always guide you on every level of your association with us.
Globistic trade is keen to get associated with all the clients who look forward to building a healthy export environment and work in long-term coordination.
Export of the desired articles is just so easy ,having your own export partner beside you!

Why buying from us?

Globistic trade is not only a platform to buy goods but also a guide to perform controlled and well monitored export process. We excel in terms of quality, quantity, price, punctuality and diligence. We would never want you judge by our words but by our services.
The company is easily accessible by all, ensuring good two-way communication, suitable negotiation, and all-time guidance.
We do not believe in abandoning our customers before their goods are delivered. Infact, we always keep follow ups and take regular feedbacks from our clients so as to have a scope of improvement throughout!



Completely synergize resource relationships via premier niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service with robust ideas.

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